Why the number 11? Because online sportsbooks have the total wins betting number at 10.5 games. It will take 11 wins by the Ravens to go over that mark. Can they do it? Should sports bettors place their money on over or under the total of 11.5?

One ESPN analyst believes the Baltimore Ravens will be favored in more than a dozen regular season contests this year, based on current rosters as opposed to last year’s statistics.

With quarterback Lamar Jackson back and under contract, the Baltimore Ravens are anticipated to once again contend for a postseason berth in the upcoming NFL season.

The addition of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. bolsters the Ravens’ status as a postseason contender, and an ESPN analyst projects the team to win 13 games during the regular season.

According to these projections, Baltimore has a better-than-50-percent chance of winning all but one of its AFC North Division contests, sliding below 50 percent only once.

In that game, a road matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens have a 43% chance of victory, and if the numbers hold true, it will be their only defeat through 11 games. Of course, this is rarely the case, and a team’s status as the favorite does not guarantee victory.

Two games in particular stand out as potential defeats in favored contests: Week 4 against the Cleveland Browns and Week 5 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, both of which have a chance of 55 percent or less to win.

According to these projections, this Week 2 matchup has the lowest chance of victory, and no other game in which Baltimore enters as an underdog has a win probability below 46 percent.

In conclusion it really comes down to the health of the oft-injured Lamar Jackson. If he can stay healthy for most of the season free football picks analysts agree with the ESPN analysts and think that the Ravens can win 11 or more games.

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