Who is Dr. Kamal Ranadive? Why did Google doodle feature her on their homepage? To get answers to these questions, make sure to read this article thoroughly!

The famous Dr. Kamal Ranadive is a successful biomedical researcher. She was born in India and completed his medical training there. She was also renowned worldwide for her groundbreaking research related to cancer and viruses. 

In short, Ranadive devoted her entire life to establishing an equitable society with her knowledge and science. 

Early Life of Dr. Kamal Ranadive

Google honors cell biologist dr. Kamal ranadive with doodle was born on November 8, 1917, in Pune.


Her parents were well-educated and had ambitious personalities. Besides, her father, Dinkar Dattatreya, was a biologist by profession. At that time, he taught at a famous college in India named Fergusson College, Pune. 


Kamal Jayasing Ranadive

Date of Birth

November 8, 1917


Pune, India


83 years


Jayasing Trimbak Ranadive


Cell Biology

Famous For

Pioneering cancer research 


April 11, 2001

Educational History

Who was Dr. Kamal Ranadive google doodle honors Indian biologist?

Ranadive was a brilliant student from the start. She completed her early education at H. H. C. P. High School. Afterward, she selected medical study and chose Botany and Zoology as her main subjects. 

Dr. Kamal Ranadive

Bachelors Of Science Degree

In 1953, Dr. Kamal Ranadive got her Bachelor’s (B.Sc.) degree. With her Bachelor’s degree completed, she went for further studies. 

Masters Degree

In 1943, Ranadive moved to the Agriculture College in Pune. From here, she did her master’s (M.Sc.) in cytogenetics of Annonaceae. 

Married Life of Dr. Kamal Ranadive

After completing her education with good performances,  Dr. Kamal Ranadive married J. T. Ranadive. Her husband was a great mathematician.  

After a few days of marriage, she moved with her husband to Bombay on May 13, 1939. They had one son named Anil Jaysingh.

Professional Career of Dr. Kamal Ranadive

A significant evolution occurs in the history of science before dr. Kamal ranadive died. No doubt, she is a highly respected scientist in India. In addition, she has been awarded numerous honors and awards for his work in biochemistry. 

With her excellent skills and great experience, she gained continuous success throughout her professional life. Moreover, her parents also play a significant role in Ranadive success as they encourage her toward medical education. Therefore, as a result, her interest in biology increased continuously.

Is Dr. Kamal Ranadive still alive? The answer is no. However, she is renowned even now around the world as she was a famous biomedical researcher. 

Well-Known Researcher

Dr. Kamal Ranadive contributed significantly to further research, including:

  • The connection between different types of cancers and viruses.
  • Additionally, she was the first researcher who found a genetic factor of breast cancer. 
  • She worked on various other research. 
  • She also developed a vaccine for Mycobacterium leprae.

After fantastic innovations of Ranadive in medical areas, she became famous worldwide. 

Worked with George Gey

One of the most significant achievements of Dr. Kamal Ranadive was working as a contributor with famous cell biologist George Gey. They work on tissue culture methods. 

The question is: Did the Indian scientists gain knowledge from Ranadive research papers? The answer is absolute. No doubt that she was a genius biomedical researcher. She is not alive. However, you can get further knowledge from her research and work. 

Cancer Research Center (ICRC) 

Dr. Kamal age was very young when she started her career as a medical researcher. However, she made her way worldwide through hard work and continuous struggles.

After completing Dr. Kamal Ranadive’s research, she returned to the Indian Cancer Research Center (ICRC) in Mumbai. Here she worked with dedication and invented India’s first tissue culture laboratory. 

So, the thing is, many innovations happened during the lifetime of famous Indian researcher Dr. Kamal Ranadive. Undoubtedly, she was a genius woman in the history of science. With the fantastic works of Ranadive, further work also happens on leukemia, breast cancer, and esophageal cancer.

Research Papers of Ranadive

Dr. Kamal contributed to various innovations and published more than 200 scientific papers. All of these papers Dr. wrote were informative scientific papers on leprosy and cancer.  

Dr. Kamal Ranadive

Popular Research Papers

Below are some of the top research papers written by dr. Kamal. These papers include:

  • Betel quid chewing and oral cancer: Experimental studies on hamsters
  • Effect of Urethane on Nucleic Acids
  • Influence of splenectomy on the development of leukemia in male mice of the ICRC strain
  • Characterization of mammary tumor virus strains ICRC mouse.

Achievements of Dr. Kamal ranadive

When we look at the honors and awards of Ranadive, we come to know that she received many awards during her lifetime. Some of these awards are:

  • Padma Bhushan (India’s third-highest civilian award) 
  • First Silver Jubilee Research Award 
  • Gold medal and a cash award of ₹15,000
  • G. J. Watumull Foundation Prize

How did Dr. Kamal Ranadive die?

The genius biomedical researcher died on April 11, 2001, at the age of 83 years. But Dr. Kamal Ranadive death is still not revealed to the public. However, according to the people, her cause of death is natural.


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