As online slot players, players need data / tips of slot thailand that offer the highest jackpot and win rates on our site. As the best online gambling site in Indonesia, we will provide more information based on our central server data and our punters’ winning data, where they won the most jackpots and effects. Here are 8 types of games we call gacor slots.


Sweet Bonanza (value game)

Sweet Bonanza is a viral game played by many gamblers and YouTubers in Indonesia. This game, as simple and fun to watch as Candy Crush, is a recommendation for our pragmatic gacor slot machine. With a small bet of only 200 silver coins, you can immediately play this game with the idea of ​​fruits and candies and win a huge jackpot because the number of wins in this game is the best and the highest, reach 90%.


Koi Gate (Habanero)

Koi Door is the main feature of the Gacor Habanero slot, which only has 3 bars, they are forcing many online players in Indonesia. Because even a small bankroll can get big when you play at KOI Gate, by following 3 backs in a row you can increase the value of your deposits until they become too big. The win rate is up to 89%!


Gates of Olympus (pragmatic game)

Gates of Olympus is the best looking online space for us. The display is very HD and every little thing is taken into account so every turn we click makes this game boring. And this is the Gacor slot machine with the best level of pleasure in Pragmatic Play, the graphics and sound of the game are well suited, which makes this Gacor slot popular and don’t forget that it is easy to shoot, slot. Machine win rate is up to 92%. With a bankroll as small as 10,000, your small bet of 200 silver coins can grow to millions of rupees in just a few spins!


Way of Mahjong (PG Slot)

Mahjong is a traditional game from China that is played today. In Mahjong Ways, traditional and modern blend together in a Gacor space that is fun to play. Mahjong slots are featured as the most popular gacor slot at PGSlots, with a win rate of up to 90%! The minimum bet here is a thousand rupees, so a small capital is strong if you want to play this game. Wild Grass (Joker123)

Wild Fairies is the most popular JOKER123 game among punters in Indonesia, a game that makes it easy to win the jackpot with the appearance of 3 beautiful characters that are ready to come and collect the jackpot and your deposit can turn into luck many times . This is one of the favorite games available on Joker123. Poseidon (MicroGaming)

Poseidon is one of MicroGaming’s favorite games, with small stakes starting at 100 silver coins and a win rate of 88%. This game is one of the games that can be used as an option by punters, the unique game compared to others makes it an option to play.

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