The DC Universe has one of the most deadly villains who plan on taking over the world, creating anarchy in the city or country, and using their influence to achieve their goals. For instance, Bane used his influence and Commissioner Gordon’s speech to get control of Gotham and used his speech to influence people and take over Gotham and its resources. In many DC movies and shows, you can watch other supervillains like Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, Deathstroke, etc., in action.

For now, let’s have a look at the following supervillains and the things that make them distinguished criminals.


Ares is one of the first villains faced by Wonder Woman and is feared by the Amazon as somebody who would end the world. Ares pretends to be the ally named Sir Patrick until he reveals his true identity as the God of War and half-brother to Wonder Woman. He wears the horned helmet and has been roaming around, creating conflicts throughout the world. Wonder Woman overpowers Ares and wins the fight, but his impact is felt in the ongoing wars/conflicts that Wonder Woman experienced throughout her life.


Darkseid is one of the primary villains who sent Steppenwolf to Earth to retrieve the Mother Boxes located in different parts of the world. He uses his Omega Beams to chase and hit targets that he sets his eyes on. Most of the time, it is Superman, who gets head-to-head with him and his minions. He is predicted to kill Aquaman and Wonder Woman by using Superman’s corrupted mind and taking over planet Earth.

He only had a few scenes in the movie but he seems to be a more powerful villain who can eliminate the Justice League and other meta-humans of the DC Universe.


Doomsday is another notorious being that was created by General Zod’s and Lex Luthor’s DNA. He wreaks havoc in the entire city and could not be killed after getting hit by a nuclear bomb. Rather than dying, Doomsday managed to upgrade itself and became more lethal than before. So much so that, Batman or Wonder Woman could not control it until Superman joined in. He realized that just like him, he could be vulnerable to Kryptonite.

Superman managed to carry the Kryptonite spear close to him, stabs the beast, and dies along with it. Doomsday’s ruthlessness and his ability to regenerate makes him one of the most dangerous villains of the DC Universe. 


The Clown Prince of Gotham is one of the most dangerous villains of all time. He does not have any superpowers like other villains. Therefore, he uses his influence among the criminals of Gotham. He can also be seen using his ability to manipulate people and make them do whatever he wants to. He loves Harley Quinn and does not like anybody disrespecting her.

He also has one of the most famous origin stories where he falls into a tank full of bleach and changed his skin color. In the movies, he is known as an individual who works as a clown with a troubled past. He gets sick and tired of the injustice done by the rich, especially Wayne Family, and starts a movement of chaos and anarchy across Gotham City.

Raʼs al Ghul

Raʼs al Ghul is one of the international criminal masterminds and the mentor of Batman, Talia Al Ghul, and Bane. Ra’s ultimate goal is to bring the world to perfect environmental balance using force and his disciples from the League of Shadows. In the movies, he is depicted by Henry Duccard, a mercenary who falls in love with a warlord’s daughter and secretly gets married to her.

The warlord gets furious and banishes the mercenary to The Pit. Soon, the mercenary’s wife and child are sent to take his place in prison as a price for his freedom. You can see him in action in movies like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, etc. using different TV and internet packages offered by service providers in your area.


These are some of the most notorious super-baddies of the DC Universe who go head-to-head with our favorite superheroes in different movies and shows like Constantine, The Arrow, Flash, etc. You can watch these shows and movies on TV or stream them online using Metronet internet services. Besides this, you can find many other high-quality internet service providers providing services in different regions of the U.S.

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